Project Management

We are project managers at heart–helping companies add structure and organization to existing chaos. Whether you are launching a new brand, implementing a new process or just tweaking an existing marketing campaign, it helps to have an experienced team of project leaders who have a solid approach. We will work with all of your stakeholders to map out an approach, put a full timeline in place, perform risk analysis to head off potential obstacles as well as track and manage all action items through to a successful launch.

Our tried-and-true approach project management covers:

  • Strategy and objectives – Work with internal teams and associated resources to define desired objectives, timings and approach.
  • Project kickoff – Coordinate and schedule full project kickoff with all stakeholders. 
  • Timeline creation and tracking – Develop a full MS Project timeline to align with brand needs. Track progress and action items. Determine critical path. 
  • Risk analysis – Conduct risk analysis to determine where potential pitfalls exist. Evaluate options for mitigating and managing those risks. 
  • Meetings and other communications – Maintain regular ongoing communications with all stakeholders, schedule and manage weekly meetings, distribute action items, maintain project reporting. 
  • Action Items and other reporting – Develop, maintain and track all action items.  
  • Report and escalate potential concerns – Determine if potential concerns exist and escalate as needed to resolve.  
  • Celebrate project success! – Once your initiative has been successfully launched, we will celebrate with all other key stakeholders. 

Why choose Orchard Point Group...

Experienced professionals

  • Immediate access to experts who hit the ground running
  • Extensive experience in life sciences and pharmaceuticals, covering wide-ranging therapeutic areas
  • “Been there done that” team knows how to avoid common project pitfalls
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Structured approach

  • Proven ability to organize and simplify, leading to improved time to market
  • Operational efficiency with project managers dedicated to a process-oriented approach
  • Stakeholder communication is a key component through every phase of a program
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Flexible offerings and reasonable rates

  • Part-time or full-time flexibility to meet project and budget needs–big or small
  • Short-term and long-term availability
  • Senior-level resources at reasonable rates–passing along the savings or our low-overhead structure through our competitive pricing
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