What we do

Need an experienced team that can hit the ground running? Contact us.

Why choose us

Experienced team
  • Immediate access to experts who hit the ground running
  • Extensive experience in life sciences and pharmaceuticals, covering wide-ranging therapeutic areas
  • “Been there done that” team knows how to avoid common project pitfalls
Structured approach
  • Proven ability to organize and simplify, leading to improved time to market
  • Operational efficiency with project managers dedicated to a process-oriented approach
Flexible offerings
  • Part-time or full-time flexibility to meet project and budget needs–big or small. Our nimble team structure allows efficient pulsing of resources when clients need us–adjusting to normal workflow peaks and valleys. 
Reasonable rates
  • With our virtual workplace, OPG doesn’t carry the overhead costs of layers of management or brick-and-mortar. We pass on those efficiencies in our reasonable hourly rates – providing senior-level, multi-skilled resources at hourly rates often comparable to more junior-level agency positions.  

How we approach assignments

OPG employs a systematic approach to doing new work. First, we meet with you (face to face or phone) to discuss your current business needs, goals and challenges in order to appropriately determine scope of engagement. We pride ourselves on being good listeners and skilled problem-solvers!

The second step is to assess the skill set of the OPG team and determine which of our talented individuals will be the best fit for your specific project or program needs. We’ll discuss the basis for our recommendation, and make sure you have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, and gain a clear understanding of our process, our qualified team, and our relevant experience. You’ll get a sense of just how easy we are to work with!

With an action plan in place, we now begin executing the scope of work upon which we’ve mutually agreed. While every project, program, and client need is different, overall we track progress, communicate regularly, and adjust the plan as needed for you to experience successful results. Truly integrating with your team is our goal, so the process feels seamless and natural.

Orchard Point Group:
planning and launching successful programs
for more than 10 Years


As a true partner to our clients, Orchard Point Group is happy when we know we’ve helped clients with their marketing challenges. We’re delighted when clients share with others how OPG has helped them!