Outsourced Program Management Services

As organizations grow, they sometimes realize that existing staff and functional areas don’t adequately cover all of their customer and business needs. Do you need interim resources to provide program management and client services support? Considering outsourcing some business functions? Orchard Point Group can provide structure to bridge existing gaps. We offer support that can learn your business and jump in to interface with your sales and operations teams to manage work effort and process customer requests, document procedures and train full time staff once transition is needed.

Our team is experienced with these services:

  • Program management – Organize and triage work 
  • Strategy – Define strategy and objectives for services.   
  • Timeline creation and tracking – Develop timelines for processing work. Track progress and action items.
  • Project management – Work with internal stakeholders to obtain compose R. 
  • Communications – Communicate with all internal and external resources as well as clients to ensure projects are handled and resolved.   
  • Kickoff meeting scheduling and coordinating – Communications with all internal and external resources as well as clients to ensure projects a.  
  • Analyze work flow – Compile documentation outlining
  • Document procedures – Once workflow is nailed down and functioning smoothly, compile documentation and procedures for use in training future staff.   

Why choose Orchard Point Group...

Experienced professionals

  • Immediate access to experts who hit the ground running
  • Extensive experience in life sciences and pharmaceuticals, covering wide-ranging therapeutic areas
  • “Been there done that” team knows how to avoid common project pitfalls
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Structured approach

  • Proven ability to organize and simplify, leading to improved time to market
  • Operational efficiency with project managers dedicated to a process-oriented approach
  • Stakeholder communication is a key component through every phase of a program
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Flexible offerings and reasonable rates

  • Part-time or full-time flexibility to meet project and budget needs–big or small
  • Short-term and long-term availability
  • Senior-level resources at reasonable rates–passing along the savings or our low-overhead structure through our competitive pricing
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