Marketing Strategy & Planning

You have a marketing vision and goal. OPG can help you create a strategic roadmap to get from point A to B. We partner with you to design your program paths and desired outcomes. Whether we’re brainstorming new approaches that integrate emerging communication technologies or advising on when and how to leverage proven marketing tactics, OPG’s experienced staff can assist with:

  • Plan Visualization – Create diagrams, flows and presentations to communicate the marketing strategy to all stakeholders, whether sharing plans upward with your management for approval, or kicking off new programs across your vendor execution teams.
  • Implementation Plans – Coordinate across vendor partners to align roles, tasks and timelines, suggesting phased approaches as needed to get to market quickly and efficiently.
  • Segmentation – Define stages of customer engagement and varying behaviors, anticipate possible customer actions, designing branching logic and resulting communication and fulfillment needs.
  • Data Infrastructure – Identify all data needed to drive and measure the program stages and outcomes, including inbound and outbound database needs, who passes information to whom, and ensuring compliance with sensitive data security protocols, data-sharing and communication permissions that meet general and industry-specific privacy requirements.
  • Performance Indicators – Align across the team before program launch to identify key performance indicators (KPIs), defining sources of functional metrics required to monitor operational accuracy, versus metrics to determine program success, identify trends and insights for overall program performance optimization.

Why choose Orchard Point Group...

Experienced professionals

  • Immediate access to experts who hit the ground running
  • Extensive experience in life sciences and pharmaceuticals, covering wide-ranging therapeutic areas
  • “Been there done that” team knows how to avoid common project pitfalls
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Structured approach

  • Proven ability to organize and simplify, leading to improved time to market
  • Operational efficiency with project managers dedicated to a process-oriented approach
  • Stakeholder communication is a key component through every phase of a program
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Flexible offerings and reasonable rates

  • Part-time or full-time flexibility to meet project and budget needs–big or small
  • Short-term and long-term availability
  • Senior-level resources at reasonable rates–passing along the savings or our low-overhead structure through our competitive pricing
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