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For one leading pharmaceutical brand, success of the brand depended on a flawless DRTV campaign launch.

The effort involved in launching a successful DRTV campaign is significant. There are numerous vendors and agencies involved, not to mention all the internal stakeholders as well. Timing, coordination and communication are all critical. This brand knew bringing in a partner that already had successful launches under their belt was key. They turned to Orchard Point Group to project manage the launch.


The Pharma brand had 3 months from full vendor kick-off to target launch date of a first-ever DRTV campaign. Bringing on ~6 new vendors, including migration from a legacy in-house database team to a new cloud-based full relationship marketing database system.

The Brand needed:

  • Timeline and task management across all vendors
  • Orchestration of weekly status reports/meetings
  • Data integration and mapping expertise to ensure
    accurate database needs identification, process
    documentation and build/data loading
  • Post-launch campaign measurement for senior management high-level reporting, plus full weekly coordination of metrics inputs from all vendors


Orchard Point Group performed the following tasks:


Jumped in at kick-off to gather vendor task/timing inputs, constructed timeline/status format, coordinated weekly updates across team, set up and facilitated weekly status meetings to ensure smooth team-wide communication


Coordinated multiple meetings with in-house IT, new database vendor and all campaign vendors, helped refine database segmentation and build requirements, interpreted unique pharma marketing processes into “vendor programmer speak”, identified risks and facilitated smooth issue resolution

Quality Assurance

Worked closely with telephony vendor to write, map, proof and test response scripts (both IVR and Live-op), assisted client with user-acceptance testing after database build


Interpreted client reporting needs into standard format with tabbed spreadsheet for consistent inputs and metrics evaluation for full campaign, coordinated weekly publishing and team meeting


  • Tight timeline came together, with the database build completed and tested 1 week prior to full campaign launch
  • DRTV campaign launched on time, with new website and IVR response channels, robust prospect data segmentation feeding ~10 segment-based direct mail fulfillment streams
  • Internal win: Seamless vendor integration, smooth data transition and enhanced data reporting capabilities — client delighted
  • External win: Campaign response goals were exceeded, and client is considering an additional campaign wave in the near future
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[OPG], thank you for all you have done for our team.  You have done a phenomenal job of keeping our projects moving forward and we will sorely miss you!  I don’t know what I’d have done without your support, your unflagging attention to detail and process, and your positive “can do” attitude.  You have contributed greatly to our success! So, This is NOT GOODBYE!!! But, until we work together again! 

Senior consumer brand manager
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

…Orchard Point Group has been a very valuable partner for UCB. They have assisted in the launch of several different initiatives. Their partnering with me specifically has included: project management, vendor management, product management, and strategic planning. Orchard Point has consistently provided excellent, timely service at an affordable cost.

Product Manager
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, UCB

Orchard Point Group provides consulting and vendor management services to UCB. Specifically, Orchard Point has helped us with our patient services initiatives including co-pay assistance programs. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable in this space and has been a tremendous help to us. She is consistently professional and is prompt, thorough and diligent. Michelle is truly a pleasure to work with and is truly a partner, providing valuable strategic insight. I would recommend Orchard Point to any marketing organization.

Marketing Director
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, UCB

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