OPG provides product engagement email and surveyQuick roll-out of an email survey campaign to inform product re-launch possibilities.

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What's the best way to gauge interest in your OTC consumer product? By reaching out to existing customers to determine the viability of a re-launch, that's how.

A consumer product had initially made the tough decision to stop selling their product and had ‘turned off’ their related marketing materials. However, based on feedback from some customers and internal discussions with management, there were some second thoughts. Because the brand had the ability and permission to communicate with previous users on their product, they decided to reach out to gauge interest. This brand knew that Orchard Point Group could provide the direction and assistance necessary to aide in their decision-making process.


A previously successfully promoted consumer brand was dormant, including total shutdown of the product Web site.

Survey: To gauge interest in a potential re-launch of specific product, the company wished to distribute an email with a survey to an established database of names

  • The same e-mail was sent 3x to a list of approx. 10,000 records in order to increase open rate and overall survey response
  • Each wave of the e-mail included a link to an online survey containing four (4) questions

Decision criteria:

  • Move forward:  If the results came back with strong interest as defined by open rates and strong “intent to re-join continuity”, then there was an immediate interest in negotiating a deal with an interested buyer  to assume existing product inventory and customer records, as well as open negotiations to partner on an overall re-launch of the specific product.
  • No go:  If the results came back less than desired, then the potential buyer would politely pass as the costs to rehabilitate the online reputation and/or re-brand the product along with the re-launch would be prohibitive.

Criticality: Quick vendor alignment, speed to design and development, efficiency in legal approval, and effective deployment


Orchard Point Group collaborated with and managed key partner relationships including:

  • IT:  obtained assets, ensured opt-out and privacy policy language, standard footer, and CANSPAM compliancy
  • Email Vendor: managed SOW process and overall effort to design responsive HTML (viewable on desktop and mobile) and text e-mails, then deploy in 3 separate waves
  • Brand + other identified key business units:  established the e-mail & survey methodology, determined metrics, and kept stakeholders updated with detailed timeline. Specific individuals were also on a seed list, receiving each e-mail wave.

Confirmed all image rights, securing new image rights as necessary for use in multiple waves of e-mail creative

Developed/edited content for entire e-mail campaign

  • Gained Brand approval and provided to e-mail vendor for inclusion

Prepared annotated PDFs of creative/content for Legal review, and functioned as liaison communicating Legal comments and ensuring all changes were made prior to deployment

Quality control: tested functionality of all 3 e-mail waves prior to deployment

Managed reporting of results including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • Number of delivered e-mails
  • E-mail open rate (%)
  • Number of bounced or incorrect e-mails
  • Results of each survey question (4)


  • Initial e-mail open rates were 25%, and after three waves the program delivered a cumulative open rate greater than 50%
  • 40% or more defined as very strong interest/strong “intent to re-join continuity”
  • 87% rated specific product purchase interest as “Definitely” and “Probably”
  • 90% rated specific product better than other products on the market

While we are not sharing our client’s final decision about re-launch, the client appreciated our ability to move quickly and provide effective, seamless project management through this high-visibility, time-sensitive project.

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[OPG], thank you for all you have done for our team.  You have done a phenomenal job of keeping our projects moving forward and we will sorely miss you!  I don’t know what I’d have done without your support, your unflagging attention to detail and process, and your positive “can do” attitude.  You have contributed greatly to our success! So, This is NOT GOODBYE!!! But, until we work together again! 

Senior consumer brand manager
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

…Orchard Point Group has been a very valuable partner for UCB. They have assisted in the launch of several different initiatives. Their partnering with me specifically has included: project management, vendor management, product management, and strategic planning. Orchard Point has consistently provided excellent, timely service at an affordable cost.

Product Manager
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, UCB

Orchard Point Group provides consulting and vendor management services to UCB. Specifically, Orchard Point has helped us with our patient services initiatives including co-pay assistance programs. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable in this space and has been a tremendous help to us. She is consistently professional and is prompt, thorough and diligent. Michelle is truly a pleasure to work with and is truly a partner, providing valuable strategic insight. I would recommend Orchard Point to any marketing organization.

Marketing Director
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, UCB

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